Kardinia Dental Services

Kardinia Dental provides comprehensive dental cosmetic services, such as crowns, veneers and implants.

Our dentists in Geelong also specialise in dental hygiene, dental emergencies and family dentistry.

Emergency Dental

We allow time daily for dental emergencies. Depending on when you call and the level of demand that day, we aim to accommodate your emergency the same day. Please understand it isn't possible to guarantee this.

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Cosmetic Dental

Your smile and your teeth are at the centre of your self esteem. Don't put up with chipped, broken or lost teeth or embarrassment about smiling! Call today for a cosmetic appointment.

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General Dental

We offer the full range – checkups, cleans, fillings, removals, crowns, dentures at very reasonable prices. We are equipped to treat the whole family.

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Dental Check-ups

We do dental checkups with a view to making you dentally healthy, or just keeping you dentally healthy. No judgement, no lectures! Full quotes for any treatments are available.

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Teeth Whitening

Whitening isn't about vanity – it's about smiling with confidence and how the world will open up to you when you do! It's cheaper and easier than you think. Call today.

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Family Dental

Age is no barrier at Kardinia Dental. We welcome young patients and aim to treat them with great care to build a bank of positive dental experiences and lifelong good habits.

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We are offering FREE comprehensive consultation for patients interested in clear aligners. We're committed to keeping the process simple and affordable!

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